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Bank of England is Planing to Adopt Digital Currency

It seems like the banking industry is slowly adopting cryptocurrencies. A group of central banks...

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Square Wins US Patent for Fiat-to-Crypto Payments Network

Square, the payment services provider founded and run by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, has won a US...

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Cryptocurrency Not Banned in India, According to RBI

Over the course of the past half-decade or so, the cryptocurrency space has grown at a breakneck...

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Libra Still Faces Uphill Battle Despite Softened Swiss Stance

A Swiss government memo appears to show a softening in the nation’s stance towards Libra,...

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Tether and Bitfinex Unopposed to Lawsuit Consolidation

Three plaintiffs who have been involved in three separate lawsuits against Tether and its sister...

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Libra Association Sets Up Five Member Oversight Committee

The Libra Association, the non-profit organization overseeing Libra, has established a five-member...

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Telegram Token Sales Canceled By Liquid Exchange

Japan-based Liquid Exchange has canceled the sale of Telegram’s Gram tokens and returned...

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Telegram Hit By New SEC Evidence Showing Token Trading After ICO

The SEC has produced new evidence in its case against Telegram, which shows that the company was...

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BlockFi Includes Litecoin and USDC in Lending Portfolio

Cryptocurrency has gone through a lot of new developments over the past few months and today,...

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Libra Exec Boasts Project’s Benefits Over Bitcoin at CES 2020

The vice-chairman of the Libra Association has been touting the benefits of the project over...

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Telegram Releases Eagerly Awaited Update on Future of TON

Messenger app Telegram has released a long-awaited update on the future of its TON blockchain and...

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Bitmain Co-Founder Starts Legal Battle to Regain Control

Bitmain co-founder Micree Zhan Ketuan has initiated legal proceedings to regain control of the...

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