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Libra Testnet Surpasses 50,000 Transactions Since September Launch

The Libra testnet has logged over 51,000 transactions since it was reset in September, with 34...

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Libra Will Not Hit the Market Without US Approval, Says Zuckerberg

The crypto sphere is known for being a disruptive force, but even this sector got a disruptive...

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Facebook’s Libra May Cause Banks to Cut Financing to the Company

Ever since the potential launch of Facebook’s Libra was announced by the social media behemoth,...

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Libra Gets First Major Political Backer in US Congress

Libra, the underfire planned cryptocurrency led by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), has been dominating...

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Facebook Officially Launches Libra Despite High-Profile Departures

Libra, the highly-scrutinized planned cryptocurrency led by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), officially...

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Mark Zuckerberg to Testify Before Congress Over Libra

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will defend the proposed Libra cryptocurrency in a testimony before...

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Libra to Be at the Center of the EU’s New Crypto Regulations

Libra will be the focus of the cryptocurrency regulatory framework planned by the European Union’s...

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Tim Cook Talks Cryptocurrencies: It’s a No for Tech Behemoth

Three months ago, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) disclosed plans to roll out a cryptocurrency in the summer...

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PayPal Might Quit Facebook’s Libra Project: Key Implications

When it comes to the payments space, there is no other company that has a reputation as big as...

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Libra Labeled a ‘Monetary Threat’ By Senior US Bank Executives

Libra, the underfire planned cryptocurrency from Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), has been described as a...

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Mastercard and Visa Reconsider Libra as Regulatory Criticism Intensifies

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that MasterCard Inc. (NYSE:MA) and Visa Inc....

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IBM is Interested in Working on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

The cryptocurrency space has been on an impressive run this year and one of the biggest...

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