Category: cryptocurrency exchanges

Coinbase Invests Over $1 Million into DeFi Sites

One of the major reasons behind the rapid development of the cryptocurrency space is the presence...

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Binance Enters South Korea, Gets Approval for OkCoin

The growth in the cryptocurrency industry has been made possible by the presence of crypto...

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Bitfinex and OKEx Hit by DDoS Attacks: Here are the Key Details

Crypto exchanges have made it easier for millions of people to trade in cryptos, but they have...

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FCoin Closes Down, Reveals $130 Million Bitcoin Shortfall

The growth in the crypto space over the past half a decade or so has been primarily fueled by the...

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Bakkt to Acquire Loyalty Program Provider Bridge2 Solutions

Bakkt has announced that it will acquire loyalty program provider Bridge2 Solutions in a move that...

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Bakkt Bitcoin Options Trading Volume for Last Week was Just Zero

Bakkt, the highly touted cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Intercontinental Exchange, saw...

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